Frequently asked questions

About Eziown

  1. What is Eziown?

    Eziown is the latest offering to come out from Wonderlist Property. Eziown is a voucher savings programme for the purchase of your property. Eziown aims to assist buyers to purchase their dream home with better further discounts & savings.

  2. How does Eziown works?

    Eziown vouchers are priced at RM10,000 but you can get it today at 50% discount for only RM5,000. The programme is straight-forward and the RM10,000 Eziown vouchers may be used when placing a booking for your purchase.

  3. What is the benefits of Eziown voucher?

    Eziown gives you instant savings the moment you purchase the RM10,000 vouchers today at 50% discount. Eziown does not limit your property choices to a single source. The Eziown platform is affiliated with various property developers and the variety is also extended to sub-sale properties. The RM10,000 Eziown vouchers have redemption periods of up to 15 months. There is an option to extend and renew at no extra cost by the end of the 15-month period. For each successful referral, you are entitled to cash incentives from the referral of the voucher and the purchase of the property.

  4. Is Eziown program safe?

    Eziown is a programme that has been certified by large property developers in Malaysia. On top of that, Wonderlist employs a panel of lawyers to mitigate disputes and to ensure all proceedings are according to the context of law.

Purchasing Eziown Voucher

  1. How to buy Eziown voucher?

    Eziown vouchers can be purchase through the following channels;

    • Eziown website
    • E-commerce Channels such as Lazada, Fave, Shopee and many others.

  2. What payment method do we accept?

    We accept cash payments; credit cards as well easy instalment plans for specific banks.

  3. Is there a monthly or yearly fee for this?

    There are no monthly or annual fees associated with our Eziown programme. Pay only for the voucher and enjoy 15 months validity. After which, all Eziown vouchers can be renewed at no extra charge.

  4. What can I purchase with Eziown voucher?

    Eziown is crafted specifically for purchase of properties only.

  5. Can I buy more than 1 voucher?

    Yes, you can. However, you are only entitled to redeeming one (1) voucher per property purchase.